a video dance performance by Lisa Bless & Pankaj Sihag

created for BREAKTHROUGH PROJECT by Sanskar India 


Post-Apocalyptic Future.
Planet Earth is out of balance – the richest humans have already evacuated to Planet B. Oxygen is getting rare on planet earth. Humans are dying young as they breathe in the toxic air filled with carbon dioxide. Infertility is high. Most babies won’t get born.

We are the Oxy-Generation – possibly the last humans born on planet earth and who are still breathing (naturally occurring) oxygen.

Many places on Earth are now un-liveable as temperatures have risen to 50 °C plus degrees.
Dead zones (low-oxygen zones) have spread and are more common than oxygen zones. Most rivers, lakes, oceans are dead zones. From the waters the dead zones have spread to lands. The few oxygen zones left need to be protected no matter what. Scientists are continuing to search among other Galaxies for planets with oxygen.

Meanwhile the few living beings left are in constant search for breathable air and drinkable water.

We belong to a clan of nomads, the o2-zone trackers, dedicated to find the last Oasis’s – to find breathable air. Once we find these zones, we mark them either with white or black, in the form of an O
We can survive for a while in the toxic air, but we need to recharge in those

« o2-zones ».

The O’s are our safe places, our heaven – there the air is still good, we can breathe and recharge our Oxygen reserves. But they are shrinking …


Duration: 27:56 min; 1920×1080 Apple ProRes 422


Concept, Choreography, Dance and Direction
Lisa Bless & Pankaj Sihag

Artistic Mentors
Roberto Olivan & Sanjuka Sinha

Original Music by
Rushi Vakil (IND) & David Ramalho (PT/BE)

Gaia Zuffa (IT/BE) & Yash Shah (IND)

Lisa Bless – in collab. With Pankaj Sihag

Tic Tac Art Center Brussels, for Studio Space; Sanjukta Sinha Dance Company for Studio Space; and of course SANSKAR – Rakesh Sukesh & Narendra Patil for believing in us.


Lisa Bless is a freelance dancer/ performer and maker currently based in Heidelberg, Germany and Brussels (BE). 2016 She finished her BA degree in Contemporary Dance at the Centre for Contemporary Dance in Cologne. In July 2018 she graduated from post- graduate performance program ‚Performact’ in Portugal. She is currently working for the Belgium based dance company Sandman by Sabine Molenaar and for the German company La_Trottier Dance Collective. Besides that she has been studying under the guidance of David Zambrano, developing further her practice in improvisation and instant composition.
With her own work, she has been a young resident artist in ZAIK Cologne, Tanzfaktur Cologne and Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf. She was invited with her performances to several festivals such as Now & Next Düsseldorf (2017), Made in Köln by Zaik Cologne 2017, Summer Intensive Portugal (2018) Auf dem Sprung Festival Aachen (2018) and is often a guest in the festival series Tanz im Delta, Mannheim. The video version of her Solo ‚(In)endlichkeit‘ is currently shown in the Exhibition ‚Frauenkörper – der Blick auf das Weibliche von Albrecht Dürer bis Cindy Sherman‘ in Kurpfälizisches Museum Heidelberg.

Pankaj Sihag is a professional dancer from India. He trained in Contemporary Dance under the guidance of David Zambrano and Terence Lewis. In recent years he has been studying and training in Kathak and is a core team member of Sanjukta Sinha Dance Company. The fusion of Contemporary Dance and Kathak has allowed him to develop a unique style. He has performed all over India: NCPA Mumbai, KAMANI Auditorium Delhi, Royal Opera House Mumbai, Tagore Hall Ahmedabad etc. and internationally in countries such as Italy, Thailand, Spain and Greece.

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