ENCOUNTERS| unknown but knowable states of being

an ongoing research on surrealist encounters by Lisa Bless & David Ramalho

Is this real? Are you real? How do you see me? Do you really see me, or merely a reflection? A reflection of yourself or myself?

Can you feel me? Do I inspire you? I’ll be your muse, will you be mine?

Who inspires me? What inspires me? And us? And You?

What does freedom mean in a time where it feels like we are trapped in constant loops of existence? How can our imagination help us to cope with this collective trauma?

These are some of the questions the German choreographer and dancer Lisa Bless and the Portuguese musician and dancer David Ramalho want to explore in their research. Merging their backgrounds of movement and music, they are going to embark on a journey from the real to the surreal – seeking unknown but knowable states of being.

One of the initial inspirations of the research comes from the artistic movement of surrealism, focusing especially on the works of the numerous emerging female artists such as Leonora Carrington. As shapeshifters, we want to find and assume multiple characters and identities through which we can dissolve boundaries between the feminine and masculine, animal and human – to allow the dark, the wild and rethink how power works

The scores are multidisciplinary. The surrealistic approach serves the purpose to explore the freedom of imagination and the comeback of a never lost feeling of magic, for reality is surrounded by dreams, and with dreams only can we achieve a better understanding of it.


2/06/22Tanz im Delta XI, Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim
tickets: karten@theater-felina-areal.de

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